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What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Introduction in AWS

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Introduction in AWS

In the era of upgraded technology cloud computing has become an essential part in every organization or place. We also are aware about how much the AWS and cloud computing are growing rapidly.

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For just tiny information to huge data can be shared only through cloud. So here is an article to explain you about cloud, cloud computing, AWS and other services they provide us.

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Cloud computing is one of the interesting topic to know. Let’s discuss about it below.

 What is Cloud?

The cloud is known as the servers that are accessed over the web, and therefore database and software run on those servers. Cloud servers are located in data centers all over the world. By using cloud computing, candidates and organization don’t have to operate physical servers by their own or deploy software applications on their own machines.

For instance you want to use a service which is not at your location so you can use it via cloud from other destination too. Cloud is like a remote. The best example to understand cloud is we humans live on earth or land, we need water, air and shelter to live.

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We get water through the process of water cycle. You don’t need to go in the sky to get water. It comes itself through the process being far away from the destination. Similar is the function of cloud, it serves you from different location but you still get services at your own destination.

cloud computing


Amazon web series (AWS) is a cloud service from Amazon, which offers services in the form of building blocks and for deploying and creating any type of application these blocking blocks can be used in the cloud.

These AWS services or building blocks are designed so that they can operate with each other and highly scalable and sophisticated applications are build.

In AWS certification, we have mainly 3 certification

Some of the services provided by AWS:

  1. Compute
  2. Storage
  3. Database
  4. Migration
  5. Network and Content Delivery
  6. Management Tools
  7. Security and Identify Compliance
  8. Messaging

Cloud computing Benefits

Cloud computing is the on demand delivery of computing resources, power, applications and other its platform via pay-as-per go pricing.

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