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The in-depth details that you need to know about Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional

The in-depth details that you need to know about Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional

The interactions between the real world and the virtual world are increasing day by day. The internet has become the basic need of companies, organizations and even individuals. No doubt, the internet and the online world give us the exposure to communicate and exchange thoughts, data, confidential information and many more such documents etc. But, how much of this online interaction is safe for us and our data? Without security measures, Guess- not at all!

Cyber Security is one of the major concerns nowadays and to support it, many organizations are working on the same. With great innovations, new ideas, and updated technologies, security measures are improving continuously. Following this trend, Cisco is a company that has been working in this field for the last 2 decades.

Cybersecurity products by Cisco are used worldwide and require professionals to manage the devices and tools in a way to get the best possible security results.

A glance at Cisco Certifications

Products by Cisco are good enough to provide high-quality tools and techniques to secure the data and network from hackers and cyber attacks. Their products are highly in-demand among the companies who are concerned about their network and data security. But the products are not that easy to be dealt with by someone who has no idea of it. Therefore, Cisco offers some certifications and courses that validate the skills and ability of candidates proving them as professionals.

Some examinations need to be qualified by the aspirants to get the Cisco’s badge of professionals. The company provides validations in different domains related to network and security. These certifications test the candidate on several grounds that are necessary for a professional dealing with such sensitive tools and devices. The certifications are provided on different layers of skills, starting from Entry-level to reaching the Expert-level.

Levels of Cisco Certifications

Cisco keeps on updating the strategies and list of their certifications for a better approach and more authentic qualified candidates. But at present, there are majorly 4 levels of Cisco Certifications with certifications in different domains.

The 4 levels and their Cisco certifications are as follows:-

  1. Entry-level
    1. CCT
  2. Associate Level
    1. CCNA
  3. Professional Level
    1. CCNP Enterprise
    2. CCNP Data Center
    3. CCNP Security
    4. CCNP Service Provider
    5. CCNP Collaboration
    6. Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional
    7. Cisco Certified DevNet Professional
  4. Expert Level
    1. CCDE v3.0 (coming soon)
    2. CCIE Collaboration
    3. CCIE Data Center
    4. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure CCIE Enterprise Wireless
    5. CCIE Security
    6. CCIE Service Provider

As of now, Cisco is the above-mentioned certifications in their educational programme. However, the CyberOps Professional certification falls under the 3rd level i.

e. the Professional-level Cisco certification.

The Professional Certifications by Cisco

Professional certifications by Cisco were updated recently with some major changes where some certifications were removed, some were added and others were upgraded.

The Professional level certifications give the specialization on customized domains as here, one technical core and one optional concentrated papers are offered to validate the custom specialized skills of the candidate. This is the stage where specialized skills are validated by the examination and certification stating that the qualified candidate is capable of troubleshooting, managing and handling the major errors and attacks too.

An eye on Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional

The Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional certification is a certification that validates the skills of managing, maintaining, knowing the fundamentals, methods and automation of cyberattacks of cybersecurity.

The training course for the same will prepare the candidate to be a professional in dealing with the situations of cyberattacks. From defending it to securing it, all come under the responsibility of a CyberOps Professional.

The certification and training course will prepare the candidate for the following job roles:-

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Incident manager
  • Security Architect
  • Security analyst/Senior SOC analyst (Tier 2 and 3)

The training and certification make sure that you learn the techniques for detecting cyberattacks, analyzing threats, and make the necessary features and steps to improve the cybersecurity of the organization with the help of Cisco and other security tools.

The Candidate has to qualify for two examinations to get the certification, they are:-

  1. Core exam: 350-201 CBRCOR
  2. Concentration exam: 300-215 CBRFIR

Prerequisites for Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional

There is NO formal prerequisite for the Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional certification exam. However, a good knowledge of concepts related to the exam is still required. The examination seeks some qualifying scores that are mandatory to obtain for qualifying the examination.

Also, 2 to 3 years of experience in the same field of profession is recommended for a better understanding of device functioning and hands-on trained individuals. It can be said that having experience with implementing enterprise networking solutions would be beneficial for the candidates appearing in the examination.

How to apply for the Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional examination

To apply for the Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional certification exam, the candidates have to register themselves on the official exam partner of Cisco i.e. Pearson Vue. Where you have to make the payment and fill in all the required details.

You will be allotted a time and date slot then.

The examination once qualified is valid for 3 years, and can be renewed with a recertification option.

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