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The Demand Of Ethical Hackers In The Coming Times

The Demand Of Ethical Hackers In The Coming Times

Cybercrime and cybersecurity both have increased exponentially in the last few decades, especially in the last year when some most unexpected activities came to online platforms from schools to concerts and from offices to events.

Since now people are dependent on online platforms and storages for any confidential and personal information, the risk of its hacking has increased as well.

In the coming times and even now, the need for professionals and ethical hackers has increased to protect and determine the gaps in the security operations.

The article is about what and how one can become an ethical hacker for speedy growth in a career with this fascinating stream.

What Does Ethical Hacking Mean?

Breaking the ethical hacking term for better understanding, let’s start with the understanding of hacking.

Hacking is penetrating one’s data, information, system or network without the authentic and actual path of reaching it, especially, reaching to the data without the permission of the owner of that data.

On the other hand, Ethical hacking refers to the hacking done with the permission of the owner or organization to make it more secure by finding out the loopholes. However, the intention may vary but the procedure remains legal in any situation.

Cyberattack threats are global and increasing at a great pace, to stop and defend these attacks, Ethical Hacking is the only way left for the same.

Introduction to Ethical Hacker Certification

No doubt the demand for ethical hackers is very high in the industry but to become a professional ethical hacker, one needs to fulfil some criteria and prove his/her skills to gain credibility for the same.

While talking globally, EC-Council is an organization that provides multiple certifications related to the field of Ethical hacking. However, there are several speciality and level-based certifications offered by the EC-Council but, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is considered as the fundamental step for becoming a professional ethical hacker.

A Professional CEH is responsible and known for all the new tools and techniques to hack any online portal ETHICALLY. The professional is accountable for security by acquiring the skills to malware reversing engineering, web application hacking by knowing Web API, webhooks, web shell concepts and more. It also includes the network defence from the 18 attack vectors along with OWASP.

Career In the Ethical Hacking Stream

It is necessary to know what are the job roles or scopes after any certification or training course, and so it is important to know the value of CEH certification and CEH training.

After acquiring the CEH certification, a candidate is capable of getting some highly paid and reputed job profiles. Some of them are:-

  • IT security Administration
  • Cyber Defense Analyst
  • Warning Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Auditor
  • System Security Administrator
  • Senior SOC Analyst
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Network Engineer
  • Manual Ethical Hacker
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Infosec Security Administrator

The list of job roles is even bigger than what has been mentioned. With the increasing security threats, the demand for securing the data and analysing the loop-holes leads to the rise and generation of different and specific job roles to protect and ethically hack the information at different levels to avoid any major fault.

Certified Ethical Hacker Courses & training

Since the CEH includes very complex and high standards of concepts like enumeration techniques with FTP, TFTP, SMB, IPv6 etc, cloud computing, defending from 18 attack vectors including OWASP, hacking web applications and a lot more.

Hence, it gets important to understand the cores from depth to advance level to qualify the testing phase of the skills, i.e. the CEH examination. The examination has its standards very high to maintain the quality and authenticity in the IT industry.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a proper CEH training course before enrolling for the examination. However, there are multiple institutes providing ethical hacking courses and training but multiple sources are also available online through which a candidate can prepare by self.

But a point to keep in mind is, this profession requires practical knowledge more than theoretical and so the demand of companies and organizations. The examination doesn’t only test the theoretical knowledge but also the practical one.

As mentioned earlier, CEH has two phases, one with basics and others with totally practical knowledge. The combination of both will lead to the “CEH mastery”, which is the complete and concrete package of CEH professionals. Taking training courses for CEH may help in the same.

Examination Details of Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

The certification of CEH has gained a lot more popular than ever before in recent times. If any candidate is willing to appear and get the title of CEH then, here are some details about the exam that needs to be known before enrolling for the examination.

About CEH Examination:-

  1. Exam Code: 312-50 (ECC exam), 312-50 (Vue)
  2. Exam Format: MCQ
  3. Exam Duration: 4 hours
  4. Number of Question: 125 questions
  5. Conducted by: ECC exam & VUE
  6. Passing score: 60% to 85% (depends on the difficulty and standards of question paper standards, the cut-offs varies to maintain equality for every question paper set).

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