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Brief Knowledge about the upgradation of Cisco CCIE certification in 2020

As per the world is changing so do the technology has took an advanced modification. Likewise the requirements of skills and jobs are rapidly increasing continuously. So, to meet the requirements and to stand in this competitive world an individual need to prove him/her in one or the other field. Coming to the certifications for networking engineers, they can choose the best certification for themselves according to their interest or field. In this article I am going to talk about CCIE certification and will give you knowledge and information related to this certification.

You all are already aware about the changes made by Cisco and were implemented on 24 Feb 2020. It was not at all an easy task for Cisco to build a certification as required but now the certification is updated with all necessary knowledge and skills.

Design Enterprise Collaboration Data Center Security Service Provider Devnet
Architect CCAr
Expert Lab CCDE CCDE written Exam 352-001 and CCDE Practical Exam
CCIE Lab Exam consists of two modules Module 1: Design Similar to DIAG, no equipment Module 2: Deployment, Operation and Optimization
300-401 ENCOR CCIE V3.0 300-801 CLCOR CCIE V3.0 300-601 CCIE V6.0 300-701 CCIE V5.0 300-501 DevNet Expert
Professional Concentration exams 300-401 ENARSI
300-415 ENSDWI
300-420 ENSLD
300-430 ENWLSD
300-435 ENAUTO
300-815 CLACCM
300-835 CLAUTO
300-610 DCID
300-735 SAUTO
300-510 SPRI
300-435 ENAUTO
300-835 CLAUTO
300-635 DCAUTO
300-535 SPAUTO
300-735 SAUTO
300-910 DEVOPS
300-915 DEVIOT
300-920 DEVWBX
Specialist Core Exam 300-401 ENCOR 300-801 CLCOR 300-601 DCCOR 300-701
300-901 DEVCOR
Associate 200-301 CCNA
Entry CCT R&S
640-692 RSTECH
______ CCT DC
010-151 DCTECH


Next-level Cisco Certifications

CCIE Version Replacement as per Domains

Domains Old Version New Version
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0
CCIE Enterprise Wireless CCIE Wireless v3.1 CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0
CCIE Data Center CCIE Data Center v2.1 CCIE Data Center v3.0
CCIE Security CCIE Security v5.0 CCIE Security v6.0
CCIE Service Provider CCIE Service Provider v5.0 CCIE Service Provider v5.0
CCIE Collaboration CCIE Collaboration v2.0 CCIE Collaboration v3.0

What is CCIE Security v5.0?

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security (CCIE Security) training is for the security professional that can maintain and operate Network security solution by their knowledge and skills through their experience and industry’s best practices. Engineers and Architects are taught to implement, support and troubleshoot Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions. They learn to protect security systems against different types of risks, threats, vulnerabilities and requirements.

What is CCIE Security v6.0?

The new version CCIE Security i.e. v6.0 is designed to guide individuals in security technology for expert level job roles and differentiate them as a technical leader. The two main components automation and programmability is included in CCIE Security v6.0.

There are basically two modules on which individuals are tested in version v6.0. Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR 300-701) is an examination attached with CCIE and CCNP Security Certifications. This exam tests an individual knowledge to operate and test core security technologies such as visibility and enforcement, content security, cloud security, network security, secure network access, endpoint protection and detection.

Module 1: Design (3 hours)

Individual is tested to create, optimize, analyze, and validate network designs. Tasks are given below:

  • Learn services, technologies, and solutions
  • About Conversion of customer requirements to solutions
  • Assess readiness to support proposed solutions

Module 2: Deploy Operate and Optimize (5 hours)

Deploy: All steps included in the Network Lifecycle from Configuring to Integrating to Troubleshooting the Technologies and Solutions

Operate and Optimize: This includes

  • Operating Network Health
  • Managing Network Performance
  • Configure the network to improve service quality
  • Decrease Disruptions and Mitigate Outages
  • Decrease Operating Costs and Maintain High Availability
  • Reliability and Security
  • Diagnose Potential Issues and Adjust Configurations

How to re-certify CCIE Security?

Recertification is now valid for 3 years.

The Recertification Updates include the following:

  • All certifications will have a 3 years deadline
  • The Continuing Education Program is now applicable to Specialist CCNP, CCNA, and CCIE.
  • Cisco Live Activities and Content-Authoring has been removed like Writing Exam Items.

If an individual has studying for the same CCIE Security Certification then they may carry for the same certification as they will get credits for the work they have completed in the recent certification.