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How Can I Start Learning Network Automation?

Many of the Networking engineers are in confusion and search why should they learn network automation or learn how to work with Python, Gits, Linux and others. We have already discussed about network automation and course content you need to go through.

Network automation is a process in which configuration, managing, provision and testing of network devices through software automatically. It is mainly used to improve efficiency and decrease error made by humans and is used by mostly enterprises and service providers.

This tools support functions in between the range of basic devices discovery and network mapping to more complicate such as the provisioning of virtual network resources and network configuration management. Network automation helps in SDN (software-defined networking, network orchestration and network virtualization, allowing automated provisioning of virtual load balancing.

Now coming on how to learn network automation and develop software. For this you need to learn Python as it has become the main programming language in recent times.

Benefits of network automation

Coming on to the benefits of network automation, there 3 main benefits which are described as follows:

Saves time and efficiency: One of the main benefits is it improves efficiency as humans no longer have to operate time-taking tasks by automation functions on network devices.

Reduce human error: Working with automation means you need to set up the tasks correctly at once. So, at this place automation is needed where human error are considered less and the consequence of a incorrect entry or miscalculation can lead to incomplete task and would be totally wastage of time. As we all know that manual tasks are prone to human error.

Operational expenses become low: This benefit is the combination of the above two items. Businesses, companies or organization can be operated with greater agility and speed by reducing manual tasks around network device. Network automation helps users to complete their task with less or no error and in less time.

How to learn network automation

If you want to learn network automation you should firstly know its meaning, importance, benefits and other things. As we have already discussed what network automation is and its benefits we will now discuss how you can learn network automation to save your time, cost and most importantly improve efficiency without human error.


There are three types of candidates who would be learning network automation i.e. beginners, know basic of it and lastly candidates who have used little bit of it.

So, firstly talking about beginners, if you beginner you should go in a sequences of learn network automation. You should start learning from linux, Ansible, Python and then Git. But Cisco has adopted Python as the main programming language. Learning automation is not so difficult if you have desire to learn it just you will have lot of opportunities once to are ready to operate these.

Now coming to candidates who know basic of it can start with linux and Ansible installed and can start with backing a configuration file or running a simple command once you are done with it you can increase you work and start with more test devices. Just keep one thing in mind that everything has it pros and cons, if it is providing you benefits it can also be harmful or can destroy your network if things get wrong. So you should be careful while using it.

Lastly candidates who have used little bit of coding. When you would have written code you will release one of the two things either you will confident in working with network automation platform and will be comfortable using it. Or you want to do more practice and learning automation.

As you already know that Python is one of the main language opted by Cisco as Python is very good at performing scripting tasks, which is the role of network engineers these days. So, to reduce manual errors and improve work efficiency in less time Python has taken place in networking field. Learning one thing will never harm you, it will help you in your life someday and Learning Python will be essential things for networking engineers.

Importance of Network Automation

Let’s discuss the important of network automation and know the reason why network engineers are asked to learn automation these days. The number of devices both on site and cloud is increasing at tremendous rate as the network is getting more and more complicated day by day. Even we don’t have so much man power to configure networks without automation today. Now, either you can increase you man power who are aware about automation so that the work can be done without human error and in less time period.

Nothing is difficult to learn and Python is just like English language to read so, focus and start learning network automation which will make your configuring, managing, testing, deploying, and operating easier. If you decide to expand your network at a scale it will cause problem to you as 95% of network changes are done manually today. Moreover, it is beneficial for you to start learning network automation and make a new start in the field of network.

What you will learn

  • How to automate and troubleshoot network configurations with Ansible
  • How to use and improve Paramiko and Netmiko for automation with Python
  • You will learn and able to use Ansible, manage Ansible Inventory files, Tasks, Modules for Linux and networking devices, Playbooks, Vaults and YAML Files
  • You will learn how to automate the configuration of networking devices with Python 3 in a Multivendor Environment
  • You will see real world examples of network automation scripts with Python for Cisco IOS, Arista EOS or Linux
  • You will learn network programmability with Python, GNS3 and Ansible
  • You will learn and apply advanced Python concepts such as Multiprocessing and Multithreading in Network Automation
  • You will learn in-depth general Python Programming concepts
  • How to improve the existing Python modules and how you can create your own modules for networking automation
  • Use NAPALM Python library in a Multivendor Environment
  • How to use Telnet and SSH with Python
  • You will Master in Python 3 key concepts starting from Scratch
  • You will get real-life skills for a good Network of DevOps Engineer
  • Learn how to configure network devices with Python using a serial Console Connection

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