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Cisco SD wan vManage Overview – Vsmart, vEdge, vBond Discovery by vManage


Lab Name: Cisco SD WAN

Access full Palo Alto lab guide here: Cisco SD WAN Workbook




  • Login to vManage and explore all the Options in vManage Dashboard and Verify the connectivity and discover the topology



Once you login to vManage, it will you the number of vSmart, vEdge, vManage, and vBond discovered by vManage.

It will show you the control connection mentioned in Control Setup ,full connectivity among sites, partial connectivity and no connectivity (if any vEdge is down) ,vEdge Inventory, that vManage is licensed for and health statistics for vEdge (Normal, Warning & Error)

Cisco vManage

Now Login to any of the vEdge (SSH) and Verify all the configuration which is there in vEdge to understand the topology


Now to show the vEdge Local control Properties, use command “Show control Local-Properties


Now to check, the OMP peer status use command “show OMP peers


To see the Routes, that each VPN 0 has use below command


Below “show interface “command is used to see the all interface present and is used in vEdge router, this command will show you the Physical characteristics of each interface. 7.1

Now to see what vEdges are discovered by vManage Go to Configuration | Devices | vEdge List


Now to see what controllers are discovered by vManage Go to Configuration | Devices | Controller