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Configure Security Management Server (SMS) With Hostname – Checkpoint CCSA Initial Configuration


Lab Name: Checkpoint CCSA


  • Configure Security Management Server (SMS) With hostname SM give IP-address to management interface  168.1.51/24 and took GUI from management interface with default  credential and did remaining configuration


  • Configuration of Smart Management:

Step 1: Take the console access through PUTTY

Step 2: Fill default Username and Password

After the successfully login, below line come to the screen:

In order to configure your system, please access the Web UI and finish the First Time Wizard.


“The default shell of the CLI is called clish

Step 3: Set the hostname of Management server:

gw-0e6046>set hostname SM


Step 4: Set IP-Address on eth0 as per our requirement:

SM> set interface eth0 ipv4-address subnet-mask

SM> set interface eth0 state on

Step 5: Now take the Web UI session to complete the FIRST TIME WIZARD:


NOTE: We can move for Web UI session directly after step 2, if we don’t require to set-up hostname and IP-address as per desire.

Prompt for Username and Password:

Now, First time wizard is started and just click next to proceed further.

Asking for the set up OS, we can continue with first one because OS is already in current box.

We can set IP-address here.

Here, we can set the HOSTNAME, Domain and DNS details.

Time setting is here; normally it takes time from system itself.

Here, we select first radio button to proceed for Security Gateway/Management server.

We have checked highlighted box here to make a Smart management server, this is the only step where we decide, and it will work as either smart management server or gateway.

We can create new administrator account here, if required.

In this step, we can restrict the user or who can access management server by giving IP-address, network or IP address range.

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