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How to Pass CCNP Enterprise Certification exams?

CCNP is an acronym for Cisco Certified Network Professional. The CCNP certification course is designed to prove candidates’ knowledge and skills in Network and Security. You need these skills in enterprise networking technologies for holding the position of professional-level job roles. CCNP enterprise certification includes programmability and automation that can let you enhance your knowledge about networking. So, getting the CCNP enterprise (ENCOR + ENARSI) training is essential to pass CCNP Enterprise Certification exams.

To Crack CCNP Enterprise Certification Exams, take into account the following points.

Get CCNP Enterprise training and clear two exams to be CCNP certified.

  1. The first exam covers core enterprise technologies
  2. The second one is a concentration exam of your choice. This will customize your certification to your technical area of interest.

A well-designed CCNP training program helps you qualify for all the required exams and earn CCNP Enterprise certification.

CCNP Enterprise (ENCOR + ENARSI) Training

Those preparing for this certification program can join the CCNP Enterprise training course online. The training program prepares them to be ready for all required exams. It is one of the most important parts where you will develop knowledge about certification courses and topics related to the exam. There are online institutes where you can join online training for CCNP enterprise courses. Typically, a good CCNP training class includes –

  • Online lectures
  • 24×7 virtual lap access
  • All sessions in the training are instructor-led where you can attend real-time lectures.
  • Online recorded training videos
  • Workbook and unlimited lab access for practices

Please note that topics in CCNP Security are a bit more ingrained in what you have learned in CCNA. It is therefore important to pass your CCNA exam and understand all its topics thoroughly before going to attempt the CCNP Security exam.

Learn from Experts

The next step is to learn from Cisco Certified professionals. They have the experience, expertise and skills to help you pass the exam. Experts at UniNets know now about what to teach and how to train you. They better know how to set study schedules and would teach all the topics step by step.

Trainers for CCNP Enterprise Certification exams at UniNets have been through on the path you wherein you lack. They have knowledge about what you should study and what you should skip. They keep themselves updated about CCNP Enterprise Certification exams.

Gain Experience

If you would have earned your CCNA certification, then you would know that no Cisco exam could be passed without practical exposure. CISCO recommends having experience of 1-3 years before appearing in the CCNP Enterprise Certification exam so that you can have experience with all its Cisco CCNP Security devices.

It is advisable to build a home lab to be familiar with Cisco devices. The exams require 4-5 hours of hands-on sessions per day on average to be aware of its concepts and layout. You should firmly understand the concept of CCNP. This is only possible when you practice a lot in the lab until you get it. The more you do your practice, the more knowledge you will gain and the better you’ll learn.

Study One Topic at a Time

For the best preparation for CCNP Enterprise Certification exams, studying one topic at a time is a good approach. Avoid reading the book at a time; rather go for a single topic. Read it, understand and then practice. Then go ahead for the next topic. Keep learning and practicing on it until you understand it. Keep up with the given instructions:

  • Don’t read only one book. Explore more options and study correspondingly.
  • Don’t gather much information and wouldn’t be learning it
  • Choose a topic. Do deep research and clear the entire concept
  • Keep in touch with your trainers or instructors

Additional Study Resources

No doubt, Cisco Press Books are the best resource for any Cisco exam. However, they could not be sufficient. So, join CCNP Enterprise (ENCOR + ENARSI) Training Course, participate in online forums to get your questions solved. Keep following CISCO blogs to be updated on anything advanced happenings. Search online videos shared by CISCO or experienced lecturers.


Learn that no specific prerequisites for CCNP enterprise certification are required. But, you must have a stronghold on exam topics along with 3 – 5 years of working experience in enterprise networking solutions. And for the best preparation for CCNP Enterprise Certification exams, there are no better means to prepare than taking as many practice tests as possible. Please note that the core exam proves your knowledge and skills of enterprise infrastructure such as IPv4 and IPv6, automation, security, virtualization, and network assurance.

To prepare for this exam, take the training course 350-401 ENCOR (Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies), network designs, SD-WAN, wireless and automation which are key topics. The best training courses for CCNP Enterprise Certification offered by UniNets provide you with Instructor-led hands-on live virtual training, virtual access for lab, training videos for a lifetime, online workbooks, weekdays and weekend classes, one-to-one and group training as well as corporate training.

11 Reasons why CCNP Enterprise Certification is Important?

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise validates the ability to troubleshoot, verify, implement, plan and local and wide-area enterprise networks and work collaboratively with specialists on wireless, voice, video solutions, and advanced security.

Having a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise certification validates your ability to implement and troubleshoot both LAN and WAN networks. In addition, candidates will be acknowledged as a person who can collaborate with specialists on issues related to video solutions, voice, wireless, and advanced security. CCNP Enterprise certification is suitable for those with at least one year of experience in networking.

Candidates who obtain the certification are known to possess a precious skill set that is needed in enterprise roles such as systems engineer, network engineer, network technician and support engineer more. You will need to get CCNA certified before attempting for CCNP Enterprise certification.

With that in mind, here are 11 reasons why CCNP Enterprise Certification is the key to success in Networking Industry:

  1. Job availability is high

CCNP Enterprise certification qualifies you for many different jobs such as IT manager; computers and information systems manager; network engineer; computer systems and network administrators; computer network architect or engineer projects, just to name a few.

  1.  Salary potential is high

Getting a CCNP Enterprise certification will qualify you for an array of employment opportunities and the chance to earn a higher salary. According to research conducted by Cisco, candidates that are CCNP enterprise certified are earning at the least 10% more than those employed at the similar position, but without the certification.

  1. Skill recognition 

Obtaining CCNP Enterprise certification is a way to have your advanced knowledge and skills in computer networking showcased. Being certified from a recognize company like Cisco means that you will be acknowledge as an individual that has received best coaching available in the industry.

  1. You get an opportunity to keep up with the technology 

We are all surrounded by technology. The best way to keep your career growing is to keep up with the current technology, which is exactly what a CCNA Enterprise certified professional does.

  1. You make your resume mouthwatering

Candidate’s resume speak volumes about their education, work and skills experience. Once you see a CCNP Enterprise certification on the resume you can expect the potential employers to believe that you are the kind of person who will carry on with the company and will be an asset to it. Having such certifications in your resume also shows your interest in education and learning.

  1. You build up self confidence

A CCNP Enterprise certification can work as a confidence and morale builder. Candidate build up a confidence of knowing that you have a top-notch certification of an industry that is constantly growing, as opposed to being afraid of applying for the job due to less education.

  1. Excellent job growth

Apart from helping you to find a very good job in computer networking, earning a CCNP Enterprise certification puts you on the top of the list when it is time for promotions and career advancements. In case an individual want to switch the company, this certification will help you obtain a better job without having to begin from entry level and operating their way up gradually.

CCNP Enterprise certifications make you eligible for positions that have high growth expected in coming years.

  1. Individual make themselves eligible for more advanced certifications

Many Cisco Enterprise certifications work as stepping stones for more advanced certifications, or at least provide the additional training necessary for acquiring additional certifications. This is certainly the truth with the CCNP Enterprise certification. Obtaining a CCNP Enterprise Certification prepares you for further education.

  1. Advanced Training is offered

While studying for your CCNP Enterprise exam, you will be trained in various areas of computer networking, such as network design, configuration, installation and troubleshooting. The experience and training candidate gain through this certification will get them ready for several career opportunities. They will not only obtain knowledge, but also practical training that will be invaluable in times to come.

  1. You get brief understanding of the computer networking industry

The very first thing an individual with the CCNP Enterprise certification gets is profound knowledge of the computer networking industry. In addition, when preparing to qualify the test for this certification, they spend a lot of time studying which makes them acutely mindful of the field you will be working in. After you have the certification, it means that you understand most of the requirements of your field as well as have lots of experience too. It also shows that you have the technical skills to find solution to wide ranging issues and the elegance to save the company from several malicious hazards and viruses.

  1. Candidates get an opportunity to work in various nations of the world

Whether you have the experience of the field or not, CCNP Enterprise certification will offer wonderful career opportunities to all CCNP aspirants out there, particularly in IT equipped and emerging countries such as Dubai, Nigeria, Australia, USA, Angola, UK, Algeria, and India. Remember, few things in this commercial world are as precious as certifications.


So, CCNP Enterprise certification is good choice for network engineers and related professionals who are looking for Cisco professional certifications.  Also, this certification proves your skills and technical knowledge required to work with enterprise networking solutions.