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About CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 | Lab Exam

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 | Certification Lab Exam

If you are planning to earn a CCIE anytime soon, it’s good to take time and get familiar with the anticipated changes to Cisco’s expert-level certification. This is because these changes may carry an impact on your plans and you would want to adjust accordingly. To earn the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (valid from 24 Feb 2020), you need to crack two exams:

  1. The Qualifying Exam
  2. The Lab Exam


About the Lab Exam

Lab exam lasts for 8-hour. This hands-on exam has been designed to cover the end-to-end lifecycle of complicated enterprise networks, ranging from designing and deploying to operating and optimizing.Concerning the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Lab Exam, Cisco has made a major format change for the new lab.

Now, the Lab Exam is broken down into 2 modules, unlike previous 3 modules for R&S.

  • First Module: This is a 3-hour based exam. In this module, you need to create, analyse, validate and optimize network designs. You also need to translate requirements of customers into solutions and assess the network readiness for the purpose of supporting those proposed solutions.
  • Second Module: This second module lasts for 5 hours. In this module, candidates need to build the network as per the design requirements, customer requirements and restrictions, by making use of a combination of virtual devices, web-based items and physical devices.

Given the advancement in technologies, there are significant additions to the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exam. The exam is all about related to Software Defined Infrastructure, SD-Access, SD WAN, Infrastructure Automation and Programmability.

Points Covered in the Exam

Follow are the key points covered in the exam.

  • Cisco SD Access
  • 2.1a Design a Cisco SD Access Solution
  • 2.1. I Underlay Network (ISIS, manual/PnP)
  • 2.1.a ii Overlay Fabric Design (LISP, VXLAN, Cisco TrustSec)
  • 2.1.a iii Fabric Domains (single-site and multi-site)
  • 2.1.b Cisco SD Access Deployment
  • 2.1.b i Cisco DNA Center Device Discovery and Device Management
  • 2.1.b ii Add Edge Node Devices to an Existing Fabric
  • 2.1.b iii Host On-boarding (wired endpoints only)
  • 2.1.b iv Fabric Border Handoff
  • 2.1.c Segmentation

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