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Switch Profiles in Nexus 5000

Switch Profiles in Nexus 5000

Information About Switch Profiles

Several applications require consistent configuration across Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switches in the network.
For example, with a Virtual Port Channel (vPC), you must have identical configurations. Mismatched configurations can cause errors or misconfigurations that can result in service disruptions.

The configuration synchronization (config-sync) feature in Cisco NX-OS Release 5.

0(2)N1(1), allows you to configure one switch profile and have the configuration be automatically synchronized to the peer switch.

A switch profile provides the following benefits:

• Allows configurations to be synchronized between switches.
• Merges configurations when connectivity is established between two switches.

• Provides control of exactly which configuration gets synchronized.
• Ensures configuration consistency across peers through merge and mutual-exclusion checks.
• Provides verify and commit semantics.
• Supports configuring and synchronizing port profile

The Cisco NX-OS Release 5.0(2)N1(1) switch profile feature includes the following configuration modes:
• Configuration Synchronization Mode
• Switch Profile Mode
• Switch Profile Import Mode

The following example shows how to configure a switch profile and shows the switch profile status.
switch# configuration terminal
switch(config)# cfs ipv4 distribute
switch(config-sync)# switch-profile abc
switch(config-sync-sp)# sync-peers destination
switch(config-sync-sp)# show switch-profile abc status
Start-time: 15801 usecs after Mon Aug 23 06:21:08 2010
End-time: 6480 usecs after Mon Aug 23 06:21:13 2010
Profile-Revision: 1
Session-type: Initial-Exchange
Peer-triggered: Yes
Profile-status: Sync Success
Local information:
Status: Commit Success
Peer information:
Sync-status: In Sync.
Status: Commit Success
switch(config-sync-sp)# exit

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