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Network Connectors, SFP and Cables

Network Connectors, SFP and Cables

It is very Essential to know about the connectors, SFP and cable type if you want to be an expert in the networking field. I have taken out some of the well known connector, SFP and cable types. That will give you enough idea on what type of connectors are required while connecting switches, routers or with patch panels.

  1. GLC-T-Copper SFP: When you want to use or there is a requirement to use copper cable with 1 gig fiber port. Normally it won’t work on 10 gig fiber port but sometimes it work. It also works with X2-CVR twin gig converter.

GLC-T-Copper SFP








2. GLC-SX-MM/GLC-LH-SM/SFP-10G-SR/LR/LRM: This figure below mainly depicts how a 1 gig/10 gig sfp/sfp+ looks like. With this kind of SFP only LC connector mode of cable is supported, below are different type of 1 gig and 10 gig sfp’s:

GLC-SX-MM àMultimode (Short range)

GLC-LH-SM àSingle mode (Long range)

10-GB-SR à Multimode (Short range)

10-GB-LR à Single mode (Long range)












3. CVR-X2-module (Twin gig Converter): This is used only with 10 gig X2 ports where you want to convert a 10 gig port into 2x 1 gig ports. The two 1 gig ports can either be copper or fiber. Only SFP’s which can used with it are: GLC-SX-MM, GLC-LH-SM, GLC-T (all 1 gig SFP’s)







4. X2-10GB-SR/LR/LRM: This is 10 gig GBIC’s and only used with X2 module/ports type. Only SC connector type cable is supported with this GBIC.











5. 1000BASE-SX/LH: These are 1 Gig GBIC and only SC connector type cable works with it.









6. Twinax: These are Cisco Twinax cables which have short range 10 Gig sfp’s attached to it. Normally we use it enclosure (FEX) connection with 10 gig switch ports. Make sure to use when the enclosure and uplink switch have direct and short range connections. It doesn’t work with patch panels.









7. LC Connector: These cables are both SM and MM, and are only work with sfp’s be it 1 gig or 10 gig.

LC Connector







8. SC Connector: These cables are both SM and MM, and are only work with gbic’s be it 1 gig or 10 gig.

SC Connector









9. Above is a SC-LC connector cable, in the same way we have LC-LC connector cable and SC-SC connector cable.

SC-LC connector cable










Cables are of three types OM1/OM2/OM3 with support distance increasing with OM type. All OM1 are fiber 62.5/125um whereas OM2 and OM3 are 50/125um cables for multimode cable. Single modes are all 9um.

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