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How can you get prepared for CCNA 200-301 certification exam

How can you get prepared for CCNA 200-301 certification exam

Looking for an associate level examination CCNA 200-310? You are here at the right place then. The associate level exams are for the candidates who want to master in Cisco technology and increase their number of job opportunities. Today in this article we will be discussion about how can pass CCNA examination, course content, how to study and many more.

Till now we have already discussed about different exams and the change made in those certification after 24, feb 2020. The main question which arising the most is how to crack your exam in single attempt? What strategy can be used?

The New CCNA 200-301 has updated according to the current technology and practices. As it is the updated version so would not be easy without proper guidance. According to our prospective the new CCNA will be now more demanding, will be more recognized and have more value that the earlier CCNA.

For qualifying CCNA examination and getting certificate, you should strive to take successfully the CCNA 200-301 exam.

It makes our engineers more capable of getting desirable opportunities and makes them ready for the upcoming hurdles. As the technology has been updates so organization are looking for employees with updated knowledge and skills too.

The main objective behind making changes was to give Cisco certified same privilege as it was, they should always remain on top and prove themselves to the organization that they are getting the best.

Course covered in CCNA exam

It validates the knowledge and skills related to administration, configuration and network implementation.

  • Network Fundamentals – 20%
  • Network Access – 20%
  • IP Connectivity –  25%
  • IP Services–  10%
  • Security Fundamentals–  15%
  • Automation and Programmability–  10%

As CCNA is an associate level exam so more focus will be given on network fundamentals and network access which contains almost 40% of your examination. The major section will be coming from IP Connectivity which is 25% followed by Security fundamentals with 15%. At last the topics which are with less percentage i.e. 10% each are IP Services and Automation and programmability.

The motive of adding topics like automation and programmability is to make easier for Network engineers to cooperate and work effectively with developers. Now candidate can focus on the topics according to their percentage. Please note that these percentages ratio can be changed in the examination sometimes, so you need to cover all the topics.

Format of questions asked in examination

There are five types of questions you may see are as follows:

  1. Single answer multiple choice
  2. Multiple answer multiple choice
  3. Drag and Drop (DND)

In this type of question a candidate will see a list of option on the left hand side of the screen, candidate need to drag each of this correct answer on the right side of the screen. The items can be changed, removed and rearranged before submitting the final answer.

  1. Router Simulation AKA Configuration Question

In this format, candidates are asked to perform a specific type of configuration and make them work. It basically contains three switch and three routers. You won’t see these questions in your CompTIA exams, the only solution to practice these questions are to do hand-on experience and practice configurations.

  1. Testlet

In this candidate will get 3 or more questions based on real-world scenario. One of the major fact people fail this CCNA exam is time management.

So, make sure that you practice so well with the time strategy.

How to study for CCNA examination?

We have been preparing candidates for these examinations with all the study material such as recorded videos, workbook and hand-on lab experience. Moreover, we offer lab kit materials which contain hands-on labs for practices and workbook as a study guide.

Completing this workbook / lab guide / lab manual can help you to pass the Cisco related exams.

We offer online classes for CCNA training with both one to one or group study classes as per candidate’s satisfaction as it is very important for a candidate to have proper guidance before going for core exam. Rest depends on the amount of hardwork you do and on the smart work like time management. How easily you manage your time in solving different level of questions.

Similarly as other examination, in CCNA exam too you will get in total 120 minutes to solve atleast passing score which is approximately 825 out of 1000.


It is the fact that the world needs people like you i.e. Network engineers who can operate with computers easily and help the world to grow. This certification will give you confidence, helps you get masters and build your career in the IT field or sector.

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