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Complaint about coverage of WLAN in Specific Area

Complaint about coverage of WLAN in Specific Area

This blog explains steps to troubleshoot issues about coverage of WLAN in specific area.

Below information must be gathered from the requester of the incident.

How many users are affected?

Signal strength in user’s area.

When the problem has started? Was the coverage good in that area before?

Need to check site documentation and WCS to check if the problematic area should be covered by WLAN.

If area is under wireless coverage, then proceed with the troubleshooting steps mentioned in step 4.

From User’s location information, it is easier to find out WLC details either from WCS

In WCS, Click Monitor>Controller to get the controller details.


Open Internet explorer and type https://10.x.x.x (Controller management IP address). Click LOGIN

1To find the AP name, Click Monitor>Client>Change Filter> Type User’s machineMac address> Apply


1To find the AP location, login to WCS

Click Monitor> Access Point> Select AP > Find AP location under Map Locationas shown below.


Coverage issues in an area can be because of the following reasons.

APs status:

Make sure that all the APs installed in that area are UP and stable.
Click Monitor>Map>Building>Floor to check the AP status. AP must be in green/yellow color.

Note: AP in Grey color shows the down status.

If any AP is down then follow the below steps to investigate further.

-Change Switch port.
-Reset the switch port to see if it resolves the issue before changing it.
-Change cable between AP and switch.

-Replace the faulty AP.

Check the wireless coverage in the location found , Click Monitor> Map>Building>Floor to see wireless coverage in the area.


Recommended Actions

-More APs needs to be installed in the area to increase the wireless coverage.

-Site survey must be done prior to AP installation to find the suitable locations for new APs.

AP coverage area can be less because ofmanual TX power setting. Powerlevel must be adjusted by WLC only and hence it must set to Global.

Click Wireless >Access Point >b/g/n or a/n > Select AP > TX Power Level Assignment > Globalto select the assignment method.


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