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Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 7-E and Supervisor 7L-E

Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 7-E and Supervisor 7L-E

On the Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 7-E the uplinks ports can be used with 1GE with SFP GBICs or 10GE with SFP+. Only two ports are active on each Supervisor in a redundant configuration. If a Supervisor fails the physical ports should still remain active.


Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 7-E and Supervisor7L-E ISSU Requirements


  • ISSU requires the 4510R+E or 4507R+E chassis. Only RPR ISSU is supported on the 4510R-E or 4507R-E (not ISSU). NOTE: Supervisor7L-E not supported in 4510R+E chassis.
  • ISSU is not supported with the LAN Base Feature-Set.
  • The min version of IOS supporting ISSU is IOS XE Version 3.1.0 SG. NOTE: IOS-XE. Version 3.2.0 XO on Supervisor7L-E.
  • The minimum ROMMON environment for supporting SSO and RPR on the Supervisor Engine &-E is 15.0(1r)SG1.
  • Note that testing showed that the Configuration Register has to be set to 0x2102 rather than the factory default 0x2101 in order to use the ISSU process with a second image copied to bootflash:. Since the purpose of ISSU is to avoid unnecessary downtime and disruption   it does not make sense to use a Configuration Register setting of 0x2101 because a change requires that each supervisor is reloaded.


It is recommended that on installation and commissioning of a new Sup7-E the Configuration Register is altered to 0x2102 before it is brought into service. This will simplify future software upgrades and allows the ISSU process to be used.Sup4

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