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Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 7-E and Supervisor 7L-E ISSU Procedure

Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 7-E and Supervisor 7L-E ISSU Procedure

There are two methods of performing an ISSU upgrade: a four command procedure and a one command procedure. This section details how to use the one command version.

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The ‘quick’ option is not used as it not recommended in the installation notes due to issues with Layer 3 links flapping.

A new s/w image was downloaded to the USB interface.

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It was then copied to each bootflash and the ISSU command issu changeversion was entered. Note: In order to run this procedure the configuration register on each supervisor had to be changed from the factory default of 0x2101 to 0x2102. This required that each supervisor be reset prior it the ISSU command being executed.

The procedure is as follows:-

    1. Check the configuration register is set to 0x2102 using the command show bootvar. If not change it and reload the supervisors.
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    2. Check which supervisor is active (active is first one to come up). Use the following commands:-
      • show redundancy st
      • show issu
      • show issu state detail
      • show mod will also provide details of active/standby
    3. Copy the new image to the bootflash on each supervisor (referred to as bootflash: and slavebootflash:).  Note that the usb thumb drive slots are referred to as usb0: and slaveusb0:. Also each bootflash must contain the same image name.
    4. On the active supervisor issue the following command (y.bin is file name)
      •  issu changeversion bootflash:y.bin
    5. Confirm the new s/w version is running using show ver and the show commands above to confirm the redundancy mode is Stateful Switchover (SSO).

Note that the procedure reloads the standby first and then the active so at the end of the procedure the new Active is the original Standby supervisor. To swap Active and Standby use the following command (assumes this done during a change window).

redundancy force-switchover

Please refer to the following document for details of configuring ISSU

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