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6500 : Hardware/Software Recommendations

6500 : Hardware/Software Recommendations

6500 : Hardware/Software Recommendations
With the increasing number of different Catalyst desktop models and Supervisors for the chassis based Catalyst switches it is difficult to provide explicit recommendations without them becoming out of date.
For the Catalyst 6500 series of switches, the latest ‘Safe Harbor’1 variants are the recommended level of software for general use.

These can be found here:-…/networking_solutions_program_categor…
However these variants do not cover all service modules and features, so in this instance (and for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 VSS solutions) the latest software available on CCO should be used. Release notes are available on CCO to ensure any hardware / software compatibility dependencies are met.
1 Safe Harbor is a program of testing (only) Catalyst 6500 LAN infrastructures for stability, specifically for Financial institutions.

Please refer to the link below.

buy vardenafil generic over the counter…/ns5…/net_brochure0900aecd802c08fc.pdf

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